Size 14 to size 10 the healthy way

Ailis came to us wanting to improve her fitness and try achieve some clean eating habits. Like most people nowadays she skipped breakfast and thought some of the lunch choices she made daily were helping her achieve her ideal shape.

What followed was some rigorous high intensity cardio sessions and an overhaul in her nutritional habits and general lifestyle including sleep patterns,down time and water intake,once the process had began and was a few weeks in we added some heavy resistance sessions into her programme honing in on all the usual body parts you ladies love to hate.

She now stands a proud size 10 down from a 14...and says she will never look back on her old way of living. Pictures speak a thousand words so nothing else necessary to say other than well done!


Nutrition + training = success

Keith came to me looking for some nutritional guidance and some new ideas for effective and functional training to progress him forward. His main goal was fat loss and struggled a little bit in his training as he hadnt felt he was progressing well enough.

He trained for 10 weeks with myself whilst putting in 2 good sessions of his own weekly, whilst following all the food tips imparted to him to a tee.

I think its safe to say he hit the nail on the head. Massive changes there..not to mention 4" off his waist. Super work pal.


A long & steady approach that works

Terri came to us here with a few requests, her main goal was to improve her health and general fitness, she understood the aesthetic part of things would look after itself.

She knew she wanted a sustainable programme to follow, not a quick fix gimmick. Having tried various diets and training fads to no avail, Terri decided to make steps in the right direction.

With a few minor weight related health issues at the very young age of 29 she knew she just had to.

We designed a long and steady progress programme incorporating a mixture of high intensity cardio with some functional movement drills and exercises, as her weight came down and flexibility increased. We then added in some bodyweight exercises and some compound resistance movements.

Terri has changed her outlook on nutrition and we have to say, hats off to you Terri.

As she says herself it's a complete overhaul in her day to day life and habits, and this picture is a 'before and during' progress snap as opposed to a before and after, its safe to say the progress has been amazing, and she's not finished yet..her words not ours!

Her improvement in sleep/fitness/looks/and general health have been astonishing. All underlying health issues have been resolved 100% and this lady has dropped down three dress sizes and is not finished yet.

A very big congratulations to you, Terri.


Results that popular 'diets' could never achieve

This is Kerrie. After a hell of a lot of arguing and raised voices she allowed me to use her pictures. Kerrie had been training with us for a total of six weeks now and following a set programme when not with me for nutrition and her own training.

She has been so dedicated to learn more about not only fitness but what equates to eating sustainably well, she had tried 'dieting' before several times but always reverted back to her old eating habits.

Kerrie started off @ 74.1kgs (11st 12lbs) and now stands @ 55.5kgs (8st 10lbs) before tonights session...she is down two dress sizes (the important one for you girls,or blokes in some cases).

She's not finished yet either, this is a work in progress with a very determined client.

Keep it up Kerrie.